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traditional Dalmatian dish


Peka is traditional croatian dish made under an “iron bell” at the fireplace. It contains meat and potatoes, cooked and baked at the same time which makes them crisp and tender.

Peka takes long time to prepare so if you want to taste how delicious it is, please contact us at least one day in advance.

Nature around our restaurant is full of different plants which we use in our kitchen and bar everyday.

The Maha Brothers


What We Do

We Make the Best Out of Nature

Using domestic ingredients which we get through local farmers, at our garden or in nature we prepare traditional dishes in modern way. We pair that dishes with our handmade cocktails or local wine.

Red Wine​

We serve selection of Croatian red wines that pair perfectly with our food.

White Wine

Island od Korčula blooms with white wines. Local varieties Pošip and Grk can always be found at our restaurant.


Sage, mint, immortelle, blackberry and much more can be found around our restaurant. We pick fresh plants every day to make the best cocktails you have ever tasted.

Tasting Menu


The cold sea somewhere between Pelješac and Hvar is hiding a the daily fresh catch of our longtime friend.

Zvone delivers the catch of the day in the early morning hours, because the key to a good tartar is – a fresh fish. Homegrown sun dried tomatoes and spring onions delivers sweetness and freshness, and the shallots emulsion wonderful creaminess. The rhapsody of flavors is complemented with butarga (dried caviar) and crispy homemade focaccia buschetta.


The perfect combination of citrus notes of red grapefruit, tequila and aromatic thyme emphasize and complement the taste of fish.


Try our version of the classic “white cod” in homemade panko crumbs on garlic and saffron cream with velouté mint sauce.


You have probably noticed that we love our homemade organic mint. We are making syrups and even two different varieties are added in
this refreshing and sparkling cocktail with lime juice.


Most of our guests would tell you that this is one of their favourite dishes. Along with our recognizable and traditional peka dish, Žrnovo macaroni really has the epithet of the most popular dish in our restaurant.  

Why are they special? Pasta is traditionally handmade with organic flour and eggs.
Also, all other components of pesto are domestic and homegrown: goat cheese, young basil, almonds and sun-dried tomatoes.


Along with aromaticity of basil and thyme and refreshing note of lime, experience a cocktail with Botanist gin, distilled with 22 aromatic herbs.


Octopus. Not just any octopus, but an islander one. Prepared with vacuum technique for 24 hours to retain all its flavors and juiciness, then grilled and smoked with aromatic Dalmatian oak. Flavors are highlighted with chimichuri sauce along with summer zucchini salad and crispy potatoes.


Intense, characterful … of course – Jack Daniels single barrel whiskey in synergy with alviso and lemon.


The perfect end of a perfect evening. True flavors of the Mediterranean combine in sweet nutty bites of happiness. The completely vegan ingredients make this dessert an ideal choice for all palates, tastes and preferences.


For the end, you will be enchanted by the presentation and the scent of the aromatic burning immortelle flower and the taste of the cocktail with Angostura bitter and fig infused bourbon.