Our story

Where it all started

A small touch of human hand in the middle of nowhere

We could never imagine that we were gonna build something like this right here on this hill

“It all started with old stone house and a donkey. We always played here as kids. Dad was always building something or rearranging old stone walls. When we grew up a little, we realised that he was making room and preparing terrain to build this restaurant. So it all started with mom and dad cooking when restaurant opened it’s doors for the first time in 2003.  Little did we know that one day we will be running the place.” – The Maha brothers


Main concept was to build something rustical, something that will breathe togehther and become one with the nature around it.

our restaurant merged with the environment

many years later...

...we have come a long way from where we began.

Started by their mother and father, two brothers – Ivan and Jakša now run the place. Konoba Maha is built in the middle of nature which creates unique dining experience. After it’s opening in 2003., brothers started to work here as they grew up and year by year they improved it to become one of the best restaurants in region.

Jakša will take good care of you and Ivan will make sure that your stomach is full and taste buds happy