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Konoba maha

On the hills above Korčula

Konoba Maha was founded in 2003

Started by their mother and father, two brothers – Ivan and Jakša now run the place. Konoba Maha is located in the middle of the nature and nurtures unique dining experience. After the opening in 2003, brothers started to work here and, as they grew older, year by year they have been weaving part of themselves in the place and made it become one of the best restaurants in the region.

Lunch and dinner

You can enjoy our restaurant during the day or at night.


Our talented team of chefs prepare fresh and tasty food. Head chef and co-owner Ivan is personally handpicking fresh and local ingredients every single day.


Except great red and white wines from the region we also prepare cocktails with plants foraged around the restaurant.

We prepare traditional food in a modern way and pair it with local wines and handmade cocktails based on domestic plants.

The Brothers


Konoba Maha-68

Being a head chef at Konoba Maha is not always an easy job but Ivan always gives his best and is constantly improving the menu.


Inspired by nature, Jakša possesses great skills when it comes to wine pairing and cocktail making.


When two brothers come together, they make perfect match between food and drinks providing you the explosion of taste.